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Janet talks at the Helena Chamber/Tourism luncheon in September. Eliza Wiley photo.

Janet Ellis is best choice for SD41

I encourage Helenans to join diverse individuals and organizations to support Senator Janet Ellis for the Montana State Senate. Organizations endorsing Senator Ellis range include labor, pro-choice, conservation and hunters.

Senator Ellis has earned a 100% rating from the Montana Sportsman’s Alliance. Votes include support for public land, and opposing efforts to reserve the majority of hunting licenses to out of state hunters who hire outfitters.

She opposed the bill that took money from the Upland Game Bird Program, voted NO on playing politics with conservation easements.

Senator Ellis is clearly the best choice for Senate District 41. Please join me in marking your ballot for Janet Ellis.

Linda Gryczan, Helena


October 27, 2022

Janet Ellis believes in privacy and women’s rights

State Sen. Janet Ellis trusts women to make their own medical decisions in consultation with their doctors.

Last session, with her niece’s permission, Janet shared a heart-breaking story on the floor of the state Senate. After much trying, her niece had become joyfully pregnant. Then tests showed that the fetus she was carrying didn’t have a brain. To protect her own health, her niece sought and received an abortion. (She later was able to give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.)

Such situations are rarely talked about outside of a couple’s bedroom or a doctor’s office. And they shouldn’t have to be. However, Republicans like Janet’s opponent want to change our constitution to take away women’s right to privacy. If you believe in the right to privacy and the right of women to make their own health care decisions, then Janet Ellis deserves your vote. Please reelect Janet Ellis to represent State Senate District 41 this November.

Rebecca Stanfel, Helena


October 27, 2022

Vote for privacy and freedom

We — Jill Cohenour, Kim Abbott, Mary Ann Dunwell, Mary Caferro, Janet Ellis, and Melissa Romano — are pro-choice Democrats running for House and Senate seats in the Helena area. We believe women must have the freedom to make their own individual reproductive choices. We further believe our medical providers should be equally free to provide the best medical advice and procedures to their patients free of that same government interference. Our Republican opponents, Kaitlyn Ruch, Bob Leach, Matt Olson, Alden Tonkay, Dave Galt, Jill Sark, and their party, believe that the government knows what is best for women and their families. Republicans believe that medical professionals should be restricted from providing vital and necessary advice and care to their patients. When you go to the polls this November, vote for privacy and freedom. Vote Democrat.

Jill Cohenour, Kim Abbott, Mary Ann Dunwell, Mary Caferro, Janet Ellis, and Melissa Romano


October 21, 2022

The choice is clear: re-elect Janet Ellis

The choice is clear in the election for Montana Senate District 41: Re-elect Janet Ellis!

I have the great fortune to have known Janet for several decades: first as a champion for conservation and now, as a conscientious, responsive and dedicated public servant. Her opponent, Dave Galt, by contrast, has spent the last ten years in the service of special interests as a lobbyist and executive director of Montana Petroleum Association.

Janet has a proven track record of getting things done in the legislature, and working across the aisle to find solutions that will work for all. She listens carefully to her constituents and answers every letter thoughtfully and factually.

She votes to keep Montana’s air and water clean, protect personal privacy, and keep our elections secure and fair. She understands how rising costs — especially for housing — are hurting Helenans and is committed to support legislation that supports Montana families. She understands the state budget and knows how to work with diverse stakeholders to come up with solutions that work for Montana.

Janet Hess-Herbert, Helena


October 20, 2022

Janet Ellis deserves reelection

The Montana Republican Party just sent out a mailer accusing Sen. Janet Ellis of being a wild-eyed radical who favors crime and drug abuse and higher gas and grocery prices. Such false, ridiculous claims.

I’ve known Janet for years. She loves Helena and values the things that make our community a great place to live. While in the Legislature, she works across the aisle and, supported by Republican colleagues, was elected to chair the interim State Administration and Veterans Affairs Committee. She opposed proposed laws that made housing less affordable and that removed local control from communities. She’s supported efforts to protect public employee pensions — including for members of law enforcement, prison guards and probation and parole officers.

I hope residents of SD 41 will do their homework and reach out to talk with Janet if they have questions about what she believes. Visit with her for a few minutes, and her common sense will shine through. You’ll see that she’s a practical problem-solver, eager to work with anyone who has Montana’s best interest at heart. Janet Ellis deserves reelection to the Montana State Senate. I hope she can count on your vote.

Denise Roth Barber, Helena


October 19, 2022

Janet Ellis is a stalwart supporter of public education

Sen. Janet Ellis consistently works hard for state employees and retirees. Her husband retired after working for over 25 years for the state at the Montana Department of Transportation, so she knows state worker issues personally.

Janet supports raising public employee pay and, as the chair of the interim State Administration and Veterans’ Affairs Interim Committee, has worked to make sure that public pension funds remain solvent.

Her commitment to supporting state workers is one reason she’s been endorsed by the nonpartisan Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE). Another is her stalwart support for public education. As the president of MFPE, which represents city, state, county and school district workers, I urge you to vote to reelect Janet Ellis to SD 41.

Amanda Curtis, Helena


October 13, 2022

Janet Ellis promotes healthy economy and environment

Sen. Janet Ellis, who is running for reelection to Senate District 41, keeps very good company. She has been endorsed by sportsmen and conservation groups including the Montana Sportsmen Alliance and Montana Conservation Voters. She has also been endorsed by labor organizations including the Montana AFL-CIO, the Montana Federation of Public Employees, SMART-Transportation Division Union and Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

Janet believes that Montana can have a healthy environment and a healthy economy — and she works hard to promote both. That’s why Janet Ellis has my vote! I hope she can count on yours too.

Taffy Miller, Helena


October 9, 2022

General Election Guide – Helena Independent Record

The Helena Independent Record Voter Guide dropped on October 19, 2022. 

Janet’s re-election statement for SD 41 appears on page 10. 


October 6, 2022

Janet Ellis will fight for us

I am writing to share my support for Janet Ellis for SD 41. 

I have known Janet for a number of years and feel she is the right choice to represent Helena at the Legislature. 

Access to broadband is an issue of importance for both our community and our state, and Sen. Ellis is one of two Democrats who is on the state’s ARPA Broadband Advisory Commission. 

It is vitally important that this money be distributed in a fair and equitable manner to bring economic and educational opportunities to underserved areas — including rural counties. 

I owe my career in IT to early access to dial up in Chinook, on a ranch outside of the town’s infrastructure. Dial up is no longer fast enough for today’s internet demands powering better education, business and entertainment. 

I know Janet is doing the work to fight for us on this commission, and that she will continue to fight for us during the 2023 legislative session. Please cast your vote for Janet Ellis for SD 41.

Andrew Swallow, Helena


October 5, 2022

Janet Ellis is committed to protection our land

Sen. Janet Ellis has a long track record of advocating for conservation, open space, clean energy, hunting and fishing access, and wildlife habitat. Before becoming a legislator, Janet served as a citizen advocate through her work with Montana Audubon. Through that work, Janet earned several awards, including “Conservationist of the Year” from the Montana Environmental Information Center, Montana Wildlife Federation and Montana Audubon; a 2016 “Lifetime Award for Conservation and Clean Energy Achievement” from the National Wildlife Federation; and a 2013 “Special Achievement Award” from the Montana Native Plant Society. Over four legislative sessions, Janet has continued her steadfast commitment to protecting our land, air, and water. There’s no one better than Janet Ellis to champion habitat protection and public access to public lands and streams. If you like to hunt, fish or hike, Janet Ellis deserves your vote on Nov. 8.

Barbara Chillcott, Helena


September 30, 2022

Helena-area legislative candidates outline goals at forum

Senate District 41 Janet Ellis, incumbent Democrat, discussed her work the Audubon Society and other conservation work. She said she has been on budget track her whole time in the Legislature.

She noted she has served in either the House of Representatives or Senate since 2015. Ellis said the Legislature meets for four months every other year, “so experience really matters.” And she noted her familiarity with the state budget and how she was able to influence it.… See more


September 28, 2022

Support Janet Ellis for SD 41

Our state Constitution is a jewel in Montana’s crown. It is one of the finest state Constitutions in the country. Among other things, it protects Montanans’ rights to privacy, to dignity, to participate in government, and to have a clean and healthful environment. And yet this marvelous document is under threat.

If the Republicans pick up two seats in the Montana Senate, they’ll have the super majority they need to endanger these constitutional protections.

If you value Montana’s wonderful Constitution and the rights it guarantees for us all, please join me in supporting Janet Ellis for Senate District 41. The future of our Constitution is at stake.

Teresa Olcott Cohea, Helena


September 20, 2022

Janet Ellis is a champion for conservation

Sen. Janet Ellis has spent her life and legislative career working for wildlife habitat, clean air and water, and public participation in government decisions. She values the best that Montana has to offer.

Janet and her family visited a marsh in July.

Sen. Ellis has served the hunters, anglers and wildlife enthusiasts of Montana well. She consistently votes for good conservation policies that protect critical areas, including Habitat Montana and funding for Fish, Wildlife & Parks conservation projects. She’s always been a solid voice for policies that promote good land use, reclamation, and clean water and air.

Montanans who value conservation and public access to enjoy our public lands cannot find a better champion than Janet Ellis. Montana needs her for another term in the state Senate now more than ever.

Larry Mitchell, Helena


September 13, 2022

Janet Ellis Deserves Your Vote

Sen. Janet Ellis is not a typical politician. She isn’t in it for herself — she got involved (and has stayed involved) in politics to advance the issues Helenans care about: quality education, access to healthcare, assuring fair and open elections, protecting the environment, and improving the economy.

She listens to her constituents and has a track record of working across the aisle to get the job done for Montanans. She’s one of the hardest workers and most committed public servants I’ve ever met. She deserves your vote! Let’s reelect Janet Ellis for Senate District 41.

Jake Troyer, Helena