2021 Legislature

The 2021 Montana Legislature

Janet and her son, Dan, on the Senate floor in January 2019.

The 2021 Montana Legislature ended in April 2021 (the Montana Legislature meets in odd years only). As your Senator, I want to share a few of our biggest accomplishments:

  • Balanced budget. We passed a balanced budget, as required by the Montana Constitution. In 2021, I serve as the Senate Minority Vice Chair on the budget committee and was involved in building the budget.
  • Investing in infrastructure.
    • Covid-19 Federal Stimulus Aid for Montana. HB 632 will invest about $2.2 billion to assist Montana in its recovery from Covid-19, from water and sewer projects to economic stimulus programs, child care, and more; and
    • Investment in Internet Connections. HB 632 also allocated $266 million to the broadband internet connection. I serve on the commission that decides where that money will be spent.

I sponsored several pieces of legislation, including ones that:

  • Make elections more accessible for disabled electors. I was the main sponsor
    GG signs SB 15

    Governor Gianforte signs SB 15 into law, which increases election access for individuals with disabilities.

    of Senate Bill 15, which made several changes to election law, all aimed at making it easier for disabled voters to participate in their right to vote (see photo).

  • Cut red tape and costs for stream restoration projects. I was the main sponsor of Senate Joint Resolution 6 which advocates for Conservation Districts to be able to lower the price of certain stream restoration projects.

In 2021, I also helped defeat several bills that would have harmed our quality of life. Some of these include:

  • Preventing extremists from rewriting the United States and Montana constitutions. By defeating Senate Joint Resolution 2, the state of Montana rejected efforts to rewrite the U.S. constitution. My vote also prevented the Montana constitution from being rewritten (the extreme majority needs 100 votes to rewrite the Montana constitution, they cannot get enough votes without Democrats voting with them).
  • Stopping unfettered investigations of conservation organizations. I played a critical role in defeating an amendment to House Bill 693 which would have allowed Montana’s Attorney General to ‘go on a witch hunt’ by investigating environmental organizations.

I look forward to working for you in 2023. Please feel free to reach out with your concerns and ideas!

Senator Janet Ellis