Thursday, September 29: Hometown Helena Candidate Forum. 7:00 am. Details to follow.

Wednesday, October 5: Unfortunately, the League of Women Voters Forum was cancelled. Instead, a questionnaire has been sent to all candidates.


Currently we have one fundraising event scheduled:

Thursday, September 29, 2022: This event at The Creperie in downtown Helena is a joint fundraiser with fellow women legislators. See the invitation below. Spread the word! And PLEASE COME support the campaigns of Democratic Women in the area! (NOTE: unfortunately, the links do not work on the invitation below. If you want to donate on-line, you can access all candidates at

NOTE: The meet and greet/fundraisers at Derf Johnson’s and Jill Feldhusen’s house (June 21), Terry Cohea’s house (July 20), and Mark Aagenes and Kerry Hales’s house were GREAT successes!

Janet talks to supporters at the July 20 house party at Terry Cohea’s.