JHE 1-2017
Janet is proud to serve at the Montana Legislature

Senator Janet Ellis

Reelect Janet Ellis to the Montana Senate

A message from Janet Ellis:

I am pleased to announce that I am running for reelection to the Montana Senate in SD 41. It has been an honor to serve you since 2015.

Helena is my home. I married here. My husband and I raised our son here. Living in a community where there is quality public education, open space, and caring neighbors has been a privilege. I want to ensure families can continue to experience the same quality of life we have been able to over the years.

I originally ran for the legislature to be an effective advocate for the values Helenans care about: quality education, access to healthcare, assuring fair and open elections, protecting the environment, and improving the economy. I continue to work hard at this task every day.

During my four sessions as a legislator, I have been on budget committees (either Senate Finance & Claims or House Appropriations), which reviews state programs and develops the state’s budget. In 2021 this work included serving as Minority Vice Chair of Senate Finance & Claims. In the 2021 Legislature I also served on State Administration (which oversees elections, pensions, and more) and Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation.

During 2021-2022, my interim committee work includes 7 committees: Legislative Finance (which oversees the state budget), Energy & TelecommunicationsState Administration and Veterans Affairs (which I chair), American Rescue Plan Act Communications Commission (which oversees broadband internet installation with federal stimulus money), Interim Budget Committee for Section C(which oversees the budgets for all natural resource agencies and the Dept. of Transportation), Montana Modernization & Risk Assessment (MARA)(which looks into the future and tries to anticipate changes Montana may be facing), and the Upper Columbia Conservation Council (which oversees aquatic invasive species west of the divide). 

NOTE: this website is maintained by friends and supporters of Janet Ellis in her run for SD 41.