JHE 1-2017

Senator Janet Ellis

Proud to Serve in the Montana Legislature

Janet represents Senate District 41 in the Montana Legislature. Prior to serving in the Senate, she served two terms in the Montana House of Representatives. Her district is currently represented in the House by Representative Mary Caferro in House District (HD) 81, and Representative Moffie Funk in HD 82.

During the 2019 Legislature, Janet served on Senate Finance and Claims, which reviewed state programs and developed the state’s budget; the Senate State Administration Committee, which oversees elections, pension plans, veterans affairs, and more; and the Senate Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation Committee.

During the 2019-2020 interim, she is serving on the Legislative Finance Committee, State Administration and Veterans Affairs Committee (SAVA), and Energy & Telecommunications Committee (ETIC). Janet is Vice Chair of both SAVA and ETIC.

Janet ran for the legislature to be an effective advocate for the values Helenans care about: quality education, access to healthcare, fair and open elections, protection of the environment, and improving the economy. She looks forward to continuing this advocacy as your voice in the Montana Senate.

Because Senators serve 4-year terms, Janet does not have to run for reelection until 2022.